Case study: Global advertising agency

The Brief:

The client was a global company in the advertising sector based in London. The purpose of the research was to provide them with qualitative insights in support of a pitch.

The research related to a particular category of health-promoting chilled food. The purpose was to explore purchase barriers and drivers, and the decision-making process across product variants and brands.


The research took place with men and women in five countries. Half of the participants in each country were new consumers in the category, and half were long-term consumers.

The discussion guide was designed jointly between ourselves and the client.  It included broadly the same number of topics that could have been covered within a traditional 90 minute focus group.

Recruitment was undertaken via a short online recruitment survey with a panel. Survey respondents qualified for the research based on how they answered particular survey questions. They were then invited to register for the online focus group.

The research took place concurrently across all five markets. Participants were asked to spend 20-30 minutes a day, for 3 consecutive days. This was to answer the various questions and respond to the moderators’ probing. Certain participants were also asked to upload images or videos. Participants could not see each other’s answers.


The research was completed across all countries within 2 weeks of commissioning, including preparation of results.

We prepared a management summary for each market, and for all markets combined. We also provided the client with the original transcripts, key quotes, and a selection of videos that participants had uploaded of themselves.

The research revealed distinct differences in the customer journey across the five countries, with variations also among new and existing customers in the category.


The client told us that they were very happy with the research. They have since recommended us to other companies with which they work.

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